Among Us 3

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Among Us 3

Beware, as there is an impostor on board! In this game you can never be completely safe, as the danger may follow your steps discreetly. Disguising and mimicking the behaviour of a normal member of the crew, a perilous alien may fool anyone. Don’t let this cunning beast catch you off guard!

Among Us 3 offers you to try and combine the routine with the traitor’s search. Accomplish various quests that make the spacecraft function properly and make sure that you are not alone. Some of the quests require a decent level of concentration though, so it is easy to lose a track of time!

However, at some point you may become an alien yourself! The roles are distributed randomly each round, meaning there is always a chance to receive the role of the villain. Enjoy the privileges given to you by the supernatural abilities and bring some chaos to the ship!