Parking Fury 2

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Parking Fury 2

Parking Fury 2 is an incredible game for those who are fond of driving and want to expand their knowledge and skills! One of the most complex things to learn in driving is how to park the car, of course.

It may be hard to measure the distance and to fit the vehicle into a narrow space. But now you have a nice opportunity to practise and park without any effort!

Get behind the wheel and start the process. You don’t need to hurry or worry about being the first, as this is not a race, but rather a puzzle, where you need to figure out the best method to settle on the parking lot. However, the time is limited, as you need to learn to do it quickly!

Mind the other drivers!

To begin with, you will train on a location, free from other people. But when you will be confident enough to park on various vehicles, it is time to check out how you can handle different barriers, including the drivers, who also want to park somewhere, interfering with your movement.

The further you proceed, the more difficult the gameplay becomes, so make sure you have mastered all the basic techniques, before venturing for a hard course of obstacles. The game forgives no scratches, so concentrate on the mission and be extremely attentive!