Subway Surfers World Tour: San Francisco

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Subway Surfers World Tour: San Francisco

Welcome to another adventure of the extensive Subway Surfers series! Explore the colourful urban railway station of San Francisco and discover all its secrets.

The gameplay stays the same, you are one of the reckless runners, who like drawing graffiti and fleeing from the police. Jumping from one train to another, make sure that you are out of the officer’s sight!

Subway Surfers World Tour: San Francisco presents lots of cool features, including new equipment for better runs. Collect little rainbow coins and acquire new improvements until the game season is still going. Hurry up, as the runners never stay in one city for too long!

Meet new stunning adventurers

Apart from the well-known teammates, the game offers you to meet several new ones, when a certain number of rainbows is gathered, of course. Pride Miss Maia and Super Runner Tricky will be glad to see you and take part in new exciting pursuits with you, too. Prepare for long distances and picturesque views.

They are both masterful professionals and can easily dodge barriers and ride a hoverboard so fast that no warden can reach them. Show off your skills while dashing along with these heroes and see how many coins you are going to pick up.