Slope 2

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Slope 2

Dash from the high hillside and descend faster and faster, bypassing perilous barriers and approaching the lowest point! Slope 2 allows you to feel the infinite speed, while you control a neon ball that is rolling down the intricate route full of interesting twists.

The gameplay is incredibly simple, all you need to do is to turn to the sides or jump, when it is needed. Consider the acceleration, though, as you may need to react beforehand, when reaching breath-taking numbers of the speedometer! Captivated by the infinite run, try to keep yourself on the route for as long as you can.

Enjoy high-tech landscapes

Rushing through the endless incline, appreciate the fantastic neon-styled urban landscapes of the game. You will be racing past enormous skyscrapers and other curious constructions, all made in the same dark manner. However, make sure you pay enough attention to the road, or the crush won’t make you wait for it long!

Arrive at unbelievable levels and rise in the rankings, until you reach first place! The game constantly measures the distance you have managed to surmount, so monitor it, while you are coping with the obstacles. Prove that you are a professional and set a new record!