Stickman Climb 2

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Stickman Climb 2

Take a look at this unique platformer and check how if you are inventive enough to finish all the tracks!

Stickman Climb 2 challenges you to accomplish numerous levels brimming with dangerous hurdles in the most intricate manner. Use your axe and climb various surfaces while swinging it. No other tools are available, so make do with what you have!

Carefully construct the route before attempting the next move, as the game doesn’t forgive any mistakes and makes you restart the level over and over. Handle the most sophisticated barriers and prove that everything is possible, if you find the right approach.

Complete with your buddies!

If you think you mastered the tracks and are ready for something more complex, diversify the gameplay by offering your friend to set a competition. There is one route and two adventurers, each having just a simple axe and a desire to win. Make everything possible to arrive at the finish first!

But before you start the race, make sure you acquire different skins to differentiate the characters easily! Collect the coins that the game thoroughly distributed throughout the locations and obtain amusing skins for your hero and other rewards that will simplify the trial.