Chicken Merge

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Chicken Merge

Have you ever dreamt about your very own farm? This is the place where you can take the role of a business owner and set up your own poultry farm, where thousands of chickens, hens and roosters will live. Begin with just one egg and turn this place into a large sector, where all sorts of chickens can be found.

To get a hen, merge a couple of eggs together and look how your new dweller is exploring the pen. This way, Chicken Merge lets you unlock hundreds of variations of these amazing birds, earning quite an impressive amount of money simultaneously.

However, to keep a big number of hens, you will need lots of free space. So, spend a part of your income on the pen improvements. Reinforce the fence, so that nobody can disrupt your wards’ peace and make sure that their barn is spacious and clean. The better the chickens feel, the more eggs they will lay!