Join your favourite characters in the exciting adventures, participate in the nerve-racking races, listen to the chilling beats and perform many more enthralling activities with Lagged! Find a perfect game for you on this wonderful site!

When was created?

Lagged emerged in 2016 and from this time on it transformed into the ultimate source of diverse projects. Any game there is absolutely free and whether you want to receive an amazing experience from your pc or prefer the mobile version, there will be no problem finding it.

What are the advantages of this site?

  1. An incredible scope of projects. You may find any game, according to your preferences, as there are thousands of them, evenly distributed in many categories.
  2. Check out the most recent arrivals. You will never get bored from the diversity of entertainment, as the assortment is updated regularly. Play the newest works and enjoy innovative storylines!
  3. Entertain yourself everywhere. Every game from Lagged is available on every platform and that means you may take pleasure in it not only at home, but at school or in the office, too.
  4. Receive clear instructions. To know exactly if the game will be suitable for you, Lagged offers a short description for each project, where the gameplay and the plot are depicted briefly.
  5. Save your achievements. If you are a fan of competitions, there is a feature that will change your world. Keep each reward from every game you accomplished in one place and appreciate the full collection.

What adventures are the most popular?

You may encounter an abundance of decent attractions and even rate them to express either your content or dislikes. However, there is a separate folder, where the most popular masterpieces are kept together.

  1. Draw This 2. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced artist or a person who can hardly draw a doodle. Make your friends guess what you wanted to depict and get lots of laughs together!
  2. Bitlife. At the moment, when you are born, millions of paths appear in front of you. Live the life you have always wanted and die with the realisation that you have achieved everything you wanted.
  3. Blob Opera. Amusing design, hilarious soundtrack and simple controls – what else do you need for a nice diverting? Control four different blobs with unique voices and listen to their charming singing merge into a high-class opera.
  4. Minecraft Online. Construct unbelievable buildings, survive and investigate enigmatic secrets of this cube universe! Call your buddies to make the pursuit truly unforgettable.
  5. Wall crawler. Manipulating a well-known spider-like hero, defeat your enemies applying supernatural powers. Move around the level to avoid being eliminated yourself as well.


Lagged is a wonderful website, where lots of amusing attractions are gathered specifically for you! All possible amusements are presented, making it easy to enjoy your free hours while immersing into the stunning universes of different projects.